The price for cleaning of a car particulate filter (soot filter, particulate filters, diesel particulate filter, DPF) is 375 € per filter incl. VAT and express delivery for the end customer.

Prices for workshops on request!


Requirement for cleaning

The cleaning requires that the diesel particulate filter (DPF) is technically flawless. I.e.:

» the ceramic inserts must not be broken or cracked
» the filter must have no deep dents/holes or corrosion

Also, all pressure and temperature sensors, hoses, holders, clamps and other attachments must be dismantled. We assume no liability for not dismantled parts!

Please inform us in advance about possibly carried out self-cleaning attempts or treatments with chemical additives. Then another cleaning variant must be used, because such filters are not or rather very difficult to clean.

We also cannot accept any liability / warranty for chemically treated filter, because an examination of filter ceramics is not possible inside the filter.

TIP from the expert:
Make sure your catalyst will also be cleaned by us. Otherwise a renewed clogging of the diesel particulate filter threatens.


Let your diesel particle filter remove and you send it to us this without dismantled parts and well packed. We do not guarantee / refund for the functionality from us removed sensors! Furthermore, additional costs for the removal of sensors may apply!

  Complete the form

Please fill in our order form and add it to your package, so that a correct allocation of the filter can take place. We only need the filter. All sensors, hoses, rubber buffers and other attachments must be removed.

  Send in the filter

The easiest and fastest shipping way is via DHL or DPD.

  Cleaning and cleaning time

As soon as your diesel particulate filter is received with us, it is checked, whether ceramic and housing are correct. Then, the diesel particle filter will be checked and the measuring data will held in our protocol.

Then you will then receive an email about receipt and condition of your diesel particle filter. In addition, this Mail is attached to our invoice.

We clean car filter for customers only after payment. After receiving and checking the filter, we will send you the payment information via e-mail / fax. Please understand that we can ship the cleaned filter only after payment!

Your diesel particulate filter now goes through several cleaning processes and cleaning procedures. Hereby, the filter is removed about 98% of the soot and ash residues.

In our developed and applied method, the filters are treated so that neither ceramic nor housing will be attacked.

The cleaning time depends on the degree of pollution of the filter. Generally we need approx. 1-3 working days for the cleaning (Monday until Friday, without delivery and back shipping). In addition comes the shipping times, so that you must do at least one week without your vehicle. After the successful cleaning the filter will checked again and the measured values are held in our inspection report.

The with us cleaned filters will be cleaned so long and so often, till they are free to approximately 98% of the soot and ash residues and reach the measured values of a new filter.

Should we cannot clean your filter for some reason, you have to pay anything for it!

  Sending back

As soon as the filter is cleaned and we received your payment, we send you your filter back. Return of your filter is via express package and is already included in the price.


The installation and removal of a Diesel particulate filter is complex and should take place in a workshop, because after installing of the cleaned filter all sensors, hoses, fittings and EGR valve should be checked for proper functioning.

Also must be in the engine electronics the ash value concerning the DPF put back. A simple clearing of the error in the error memory is here not sufficient and can have as a consequence that the DPF after short time causes errors again and a renewed cleaning becomes necessary.

INFO to the catalyst cleaning:

Does your vehicle beside the DPF still have an additional external catalyst? Please absolutely clarify this with your workshop, because the catalyst must be cleaned as well. Otherwise problems can occur during the resetting, so that the cleaned filter does not work! For the cleaning of the catalyst additional costs of 50, Euro incl. VAT incurred.

We do not take over a warranty for the functionality from us cleaned filters by inappropriate installation (do-it-yourself installation) and by a non-cleaning of an existing catalyst.

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