With our developed cleaning process, the particulate filter will be released of any residuals and own after the cleaning as much as possible the technical properties of a new filter.

The filter material (ceramic and housing) is not attacked by our gentle process and the filters are cleaned up to approximately 98%.


Next to our gentle cleaning process, there is still the chemical cleaning by a chemical liquid solution. However, this chemical solution can just only burn soot. The resulting ash remains in the filter and clogged it as well. Particulate filters which have reached their maximum loading condition due to their mileage, are NOT suitable for a chemical cleaning!

For example, the following particulate filter was treated with a chemical cleaner. No damage can be seen on the image "Inlet side" and on the image "Outlet side", you can just see merely white points/impacts, which however already refer to a fusion inside of the ceramics of the filter. On the other images is then clearly, what did the chemistry in the ceramic core. The honeycomb is literally merged as here temperatures are reached well over 1500 ° c.

defekte Keramik durch chemische RussfilterreinigungInlet site

defekte Keramik durch chemische RussfilterreinigungOutlet site, Ceramic in the interior burned through
defekte Keramik durch chemische RussfilterreinigungFusion of ceramic
defekte Keramik durch chemische RussfilterreinigungFusion of ceramic
defekte Keramik durch chemische RussfilterreinigungFusion of ceramic

This may be the effects of a chemical pretreatment! After our experience such damages can occur with approx. 7 of 10 filters.
Our recommendation: Let your particulate filter professionally and carefully clean as soon as the ash content is too high and the error message “DPF” appears!

Our guarantee to you:

With us cleaned particulate filter will be cleaned so long and so often, till they are free to approximately 98% of soot and ash residues and reach the measuring values of a new filter. If we do not get your particulate filter cleaned for some reason, you have to pay anything for it!

TÜV approved cleaning process

TÜV Rhineland has checked our cleaning process according to the through-flow behaviour of new, used and cleaned particulate filters.

The result of TÜV Rhineland is:
”'The cleaning process of the company Barten restores the through-flow behavior of used filters to a comparable quality of new filters!'“

Do you have any questions about the cleaning of particulate filters or catalysts?

Particulate filter cleaning is not a problem for us. Call us without obligation. We advise you with pleasure!

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