Barten GmbH - About us

Barten GmbH is one of the leading companies in the cleaning of particulate filters. For 15 years, the family company cleans particulate filters from combined heat and power plants (CHP) and in the automotive industry. The innovative and gentle cleaning process has been tested by the TÜV Rhineland and has been already successfully applied in more than 50000 filters of any kind! Barten GmbH was the first company (DPF-Cleaner) in Germany, which has particulate filter cleaning offered and thereby influences the market essential.

Now for over 15 years we clean particulate filters and catalysts from:

» combined heat and power plant (CHP)
  (Gas and fermentation gas, fuel- and vegetable oil)
» Passenger cars (all brands)
» Vans
» Trucks
» Coaches
» Forklifts
» Construction machines
» Industrial machines

Our cleaning process for particle filter is checked by TÜV Rhineland and was already successfully applied in more than 50000 particulate filters.

Prize comparison of new filter and cleaned filters:

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