Processing of the diesel particulate filter cleaning

General information on the processing:

The prerequisite for cleaning is that the diesel particle filter (DPF) is in a technically perfect condition.

  • The ceramic insert must not be broken, cracked or fused
  • The filter must not have any deep dents, holes or rust

In addition, all sensors, pressure and temperature sensors,
hoses, brackets, clamps and other attachments had to be removed.

We give no liability for parts that have not been removed and cannot give any warranty for the functionality of sensors that we have removed!
There may also be additional costs for the removal of sensors!

Please indicate in our order form any self-cleaning attempts or treatments with chemical additives that may have been carried out.

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  • 1. Remove
  • 2. Fill out the order form
  • 3. Send filter
  • 4. Arrival
  • 5. Cleaning
  • 6. Garantie
  • 7. Return shipment
  • 8. Installation

Let your diesel particulate filter and, if fitted, the external catalytic converter remove and remove the attachments.

Please fill out our order form and enclose it printed out with your package, so that a perfect assignment of the filters can take place.

The easiest, fastest and most economical way to send your package to us is with our UPS shipping service.

You can select this in the order form under the item package pickup.

Immediately after placing the order you will receive the order form as well as the dispatch note to the given email addresses (billing and collection address). Please print out the dispatch note and stick it on the package.

Bring the package to a UPS Access Point near you.

Please pay attention to the package dimensions! For oversized parcels there are additional costs. You can use our girth measurement calculator to check the parcel dimensions.

You will find the belt dimensions and additional costs in the order form under the parcel collection.

Of course you can also send your parcel to us yourself. Please note that the delivery time can take several days, depending on the shipping method and provider.

As soon as we receive your diesel particulate filter, we control the ceramic and the housing. Then your diesel particulate filter is checked and the measured data is recorded in our protocol. Afterwards, each filter becomes an identification number for allocation.

You will then receive an e-mail about the receipt and condition of your diesel particulate filter. Our invoice/payment information is also attached to this e-mail. You are welcome to send us a payment receipt of the transfer or you have the possibility to pay directly by PAYPAL.

We clean car filters (diesel particle filters) for private customers only against prepayment. Please understand that we can only send cleaned filters after receipt of payment!


The filters cleaned by us are cleaned as long and as often as necessary until they are approx. 98% free of soot and ash residues and have reached the reference value for the respective filter type.

The cleaning time therefore depends on the degree of pollution of the filter. In general, we need about 1-3 working days (Monday to Friday) for cleaning, but on average 80% of the filters are cleaned within 24 hours. In the process developed and applied by us, the filters are treated in such a way that neither ceramics nor housings are attacked.

After successful cleaning, the filter is tested again and the measured values are recorded in our test report.

If your filter cannot be cleaned or is defective, you will not incur any cleaning costs.

As soon as the diesel particulate filter has been cleaned and your payment has been received, we will send your filter back to you. The package includes your documents such as invoice, test report and installation instructions. We also send you all documents and the dispatch notification by e-mail.

The packages are insured up to 3,000 Euro.

The installation and removal of a diesel particulate filter is complex and should be carried out in a workshop, as after the installation of the cleaned filter, all sensors, hoses, screw connections and the EGR valve must be checked for proper functioning. In addition, the ash value in the engine electronics must be reset with regard to the DPF. A simple deletion of the error in the error memory is not sufficient here and can result in the DPF causing errors again after a short time and making renewed cleaning necessary.

Please pay attention to our installation instructions enclosed in the package!

Tip from the expert

It is essential to clean the catalytic converter as well!
In order to ensure effective exhaust gas aftertreatment and to avoid reloading the diesel particulate filter by upstream soot.