Information about catalyst cleaning:


Does your vehicle have an additional external catalytic converter in addition to the DPF? Please check this with your workshop as it should also be cleaned. The catalyst does not clog up like a particle filter, but the catalyst surface covers itself with a soot layer, which delays the catalytic behaviour and prolongs the reaction time of the catalyst. It can also happen that the accumulated soot dissolves and clog the cleaned particulate filter again.

Error messages/problems may occur because the catalytic converter is “sensor-monitored” and, due to contamination, reports the error message “Efficiency below minimum” to the control unit, for example.

For the cleaning of the external catalyst there are additional costs of 50,- Euro incl. VAT.


There are different types of exhaust gas purification systems:

  • Combination systems, in which the catalyst and diesel particulate filter are installed in a housing
  • separate systems in which the catalytic converter and the diesel particulate filter are installed separately (external CAT)

The exhaust gases produced during the combustion of fuel are treated according to various chemical principles before they are mechanically collected in the DPF. The following catalyst types are used for catalytic exhaust gas treatment:

  • NOx storage catalyst
  • oxidation catalyst
  • Regulated three-way catalytic converter
  • unregulated catalytic converter


We clean all types of catalytic converters:


»Block-type thermal power stations BHKW
(gas and biogas, fuel oil and vegetable oil)
»passenger car (all car brands)
»Forklift truck
»Construction machinery
»Industrial machines


If you have any questions regarding the cleaning of catalysts, please call us.

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