The Barten Satisfaction Guarantees!

– We want you to be satisfied –

In the cleaning process developed by us, the soot filters are freed from all residues (soot and ash). After cleaning the filters largely possess the technical properties of a new filter. Due to our gentle thermal cleaning process, the filter material (ceramic and housing) is not attacked and the filters are cleaned to approx. 98%. We are so convinced of our cleaning process that we give you the following guarantees:

Cleanliness Guarantee

The soot filters cleaned by us are cleaned so long and so often, until they are freed to approx. 98% of the soot and ash residues and reach the measured values of a new filter.

Refund warranty

If the filter does not reach the differential pressure required by us even after several cleaning attempts, then you do not have to pay anything for the cleaning. The filter will then be returned to you free of charge as “uncleaned” and no longer usable.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We give 6 months guarantee on our cleaning performance … without IF and BUT! * Should your filter be reloaded within this time (for example due to faulty provisions or defective components in the engine), then we will clean it again for you – free of charge.

Do you have problems with your particle filter after the 6-month warranty period? Then we offer you a renewed cleaning for a lump-sum expense allowance of 150, – Euro incl. value added tax and return shipment. This special cleaning price is valid for max. 12 months after the 1st cleaning! This guarantee is a voluntary service of Barten GmbH and does not apply to the reimbursement of installation and removal costs or any consequential damage caused by soot filters clogged up again.

Have you had your particle filter removed and cleaned at one of our partner workshops? Then we grant you even 1 year warranty … without IF and BUT! *

* IMPORTANT: Despite this warranty, the particulate filter cleaned by us must be properly installed by a specialist workshop and reset in the engine management system. For this the customer has to provide a proof (invoice workshop)!

In addition, our installation instructions must be observed and followed!