Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning is our specialty:

The particle filter or diesel particulate filter (DPF) of your vehicle is full and can not be regenerated? The vehicle electronics shows "full DPF" or "load limit reached"? Then actually a new and rather expensive particulate filter would have to be bought. BUT you have the opportunity to let your clogged particulate filter cleaned by us cost-effectively. The filter has the technical properties of a new filter after cleaning. For more information, take a look at our company video or the DPF cleaning special with the VOX car doctors.

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Increasing fuel consumption? Increased exhaust back pressure? Reduced car performance?

A clogged particle filter could be the reason. At the latest when the warning lamp or DPF display appears in the engine electronics, the particulate filter must be removed and renewed or cleaned. Delaying Particulate Filter Cleaning (DPF) and not acting directly can result in costly follow-up costs. “We – the Barten GmbH – were the first company to offer soot filter cleaning, also called: diesel particle filter cleaning or DPF cleaning, offered in Germany and thus decisively shaped the market.”

We clean your particle filters! "Gentle, soft & safe"

The family business Barten has been cleaning diesel particulate filters from combined heat and power (CHP) units and the automotive sector for 18 years. The innovative and gentle cleaning process has been tested by TÜV-Rheinland and has already been successfully applied to more than 80,000 filters of all kinds!

The filters are cleaned gently, environmentally friendly and without any type change in the closed condition.

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Barten particulate filter cleaning: Your advantages

Save money

We offer a complete DPF cleaning for 390,- Euro – for all car models. No expensive DPF new purchase is necessary.

Best engine performance

After cleaning, the filter has the characteristics of a new filter – so the best possible performance is maintained.

80.000 cleaned particulate filters

Barten has been successfully cleaning diesel particulate filters for over 18 years. 80% of the filters are completely free of residues after 24 hours.

TÜV-tested and DEKRA-certified

Our TÜV-tested cleaning process enables thorough filter reprocessing. The filter then has the properties of a new filter.

Innovative cleaning process

Our thermal-mechanical cleaning process cleans the DPF gently and reliably (also for truck, bus and CHP filters and catalytic converters). On our cleaning performance you receive 6 months cleaning warranty without ifs and buts!

Fast and uncomplicated

We guarantee simple and stress-free processing.

We clean clogged diesel particulate filters

At the latest when the warning lamp / DPF display appears in the engine electronics, then the particle filter must be removed and renewed or cleaned. Please do not hesitate cleaning or replacing the clogged filter too long, because with increasing soot and ash loading of the soot filter, the automatic regeneration in the car starts more often and thus:

the fuel consumption increases
increases the exhaust back pressure
reduces the performance of the car
consequential damage can occur

Benefit from our many years of experience in cleaning particulate filters!

The cost of cleaning one Particulate filters are 390, - Euro

  • including return
  • including package insurance
  • including VAT

Thats what our customers say

I am very satisfied with the fast processing and the quality of the cleaning. I can’t think of anything better to do. If the DPF again 270 000 km is the world in order. The company Barten is in any case to the recommendation

Josef L.

Perfect customer support – absolutely fastest return of the particle filters with previous announcement by email The company Barten we can recommend really each KFZ workshop.

Autotechnik Mainstrasse GbR Fahrzeug

Would like to thank me sincerely, delivery fast advice perfect and also very friendly. Can only recommend and there will also be a positive word of mouth. Continue so…


I would just like to say that from the beginning until the receipt of the diesel particulate filter everything went super and professional and I would recommend this company only because it has done its job seriously and quickly. I also have to say that my car broke down a few days before my holiday I was able to arrange everything by phone and email which I appreciate very much from the company and I am thankful that it went so well because I live in Luxembourg!

C. Azem

No comment necessary, absolute peak from beginning to end. I will recommend them without reservation!

H. Grimm, Meddersheim

Super service, super handling, super result.

Faber, Lörrach

The cleaning of the particulate filter was perfect. The company Barten can only be recommended!!!! Within a few days the filter was cleaned and back again. This is a cost-effective alternative to buying a new one. With ToMi Car Center GmbH in Balgheim you have a reliable partner workshop the removal and installation of the particle filter was completely problem-free

B. Ausländer, Tuttlingen

Best accessibility and everyone knows his way around! The cleaning result is really good. Now I only have to successfully integrate the DPF and Kat into the vehicle electronics – this has not worked so well in an independent workshop so far. But that has to do with Mercedes … Anyway, I was in good hands with Barten, all tips and tricks for installation and removal are very valuable.


I’ve become aware of you through the autodoctors. Absolute Top Service you can only recommend.

H. Einlof, Dautphetal

Very good operation very to recommend the number 1 for filter cleaning.

G. Trummer, Telfs Österreich

Perfect service, there’s no better way. Keep it up!

Kfz Hess, Bad Hersfeld

Absolute top service. Picked up Friday, got back Tuesday. PDF is celebrated again. Company Barten can only be recommended to everyone. Instead of spending thousands on a new filter, cleaning by Barten is the much cheaper alternative.

E. Schröder, Braunlage

Hello Barten-Team, you’re doing very well! I had the DPF back on the 4th day after my submission. The processing could hardly be distinguished from a new part. Thank you very much – I will recommend you!

H. Vonderau, Fulda

Perfect service ! Perfect work ! Very competent. The company Barten can recommend.

Ford Autohaus G. Vockrodt, Würselen

In the meantime, the filter has been rebuilt by the workshop and the VW bus is running noticeably better again. At this point I would like to thank you and your employees for the exemplary handling. I appreciate very much that you immediately contacted me with any questions or difficulties, the very accommodating logistics and of course the great packaging of the filter, which really looked like new.

T. Bartz, Tübingen

We were very satisfied in all points. Fast processing without complications. Everything went very well, be it the pick-up, the cleaning and also the return shipment. We can only recommend to clean the filter instead of buying an expensive new one.

D. Kohl, Wald-Michelbach

Technically and organizationally a very good job. In addition to the cost savings for a new filter, the side effect is a 1.5 litre reduction in diesel consumption to 100 km. I will definitely recommend the company Barten.

S. Knuth, Poseritz

I became aware of their company through, among other things, the car doctors. I watched the video several times. Thereupon I am to my workshop here in the place, they have done then everything to my fullest satisfaction. Processing (Monday removed and Thursday installed) price/performance, quality … right. I will recommend the company Barten at every opportunity.

H. Renner, Merxheim

Very professional order processing, a very good, cost-effective alternative to buying a new filter. I am very satisfied.

T. Fischer, Gutenzell

I would like to thank you for your excellent service and for the professional cleaning and service you offer your customers.

According to the garage, the vehicle is running Tip Top again, also thanks to the helpful description of possible sources of error. I will definitely recommend them to others.

Keep it up!

J. Peters, Trier